Latest ShowBox apk vs Terrarium Tv

Fortunately, our smartphone has something so entertaining that we can’t move our eyes from it. ShowBox or Terrarium Tv, both are evidently amazing and simple to use.

Showbox VS terrariumTV

Comparing the duo is pretty difficult and almost impossible, but looking at the recent changes it is vital to do so. Both the application have reached the heights within few days of this year. Whether we compare their lightening fast speed or the colossal content – it’s hard to point out the differences in one go.

ShowBox and Terrarium keep updating their applications soon there is a bug found in the working version. And that is quite quick and amazing. So rather than fixing the bugs right there in the old version, the developers love to release the new version of the app which is made available to you the next morning you get up from your bed.

Now without wasting any more time, we’ll be discussing their pros and cons depending on their performances till date. And, will be giving a result on which one is the best:-

ShowBox or Terrarium Tv: Which one is the best

Let’s discuss their pros and cons:-

Showbox download apk


Pros of ShowBox

  • Great amount of Content
  • Different resolutions starting from 240p to 1080p.
  • Select preferred language and subtitles.
  • Download and stream content
  • Download music albums
  • Navigate easily
  • Enticing user interface
  • ChromeCast support
  • Quick menu available
  • Reliable video links to download and stream
  • Pause downloading for some time
  • Available for all platforms including, Windows, Android, BlackBerry, and Kindle.



  • Contains unusual bugs
  • Sometimes works slow
  • Streams under excellent internet service.
  • Sometimes the app crashes/stops

Terrarium TV


Pros of Terrarium Tv

  • Unlimited content
  • Incorporates only movies and tv shows
  • Has 15 plus languages and subtitles to choose from
  • Different resolutions to choose from
  • ChromeCast support
  • Download and streams movies and tv shows with ease
  • Get reliable Google links
  • Fastest downloading speed
  • HD video quality
  • Uploads episodes within a day after its release on national television
  • Free of cost
  • Can stream under low internet service as well



  • Does not support all platforms
  • Is not available on Computers
  • Subtitles doesn’t work sometimes


Though ShowBox contains an endless list of content, it’s not possible to declare it one of the best movies streaming application, when compared to other movie apps. Terrarium is a new application launched in 2015, it has done amazingly well in the market, and has maintained its position of number one between its users.
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ShowBox being a pioneer app has lost its charm due to extensive crash and up gradation of application. Customers get annoyed with its unwanted advertisements landing up between a running video, unlike terrarium Tv. Hence, if we are comparing the two apps, we can finally quote that Terrarium Tv is a unique Movie streaming application amongst its competitors.


How to Use Facetime to Connect Android and iPhone

Due to advanced in technologies we are able to do whatever we want. Technologies are playing an important role in making our life simple and easier. One of the best advantages of modern technologies is the facilities of Facetime from the Android devices to iPhone devices, through which you can connect each other face to face simply within your android devices for free absolutely.

How to use Facetime to connect Android and iPhone

There are different kinds of applications available for your devices compatible for both Android and iPhone devices for making a video call with great upgrades of cool features. Nowadays, even a small kid’s knows how to operate a Smartphone easily, so no matter wherever you are how far you exist, you can instantly connect anyone by your Smartphone devices with face to face by using a Facetime Windows application.

Best Facetime applications to connect between Android and iPhone

There are multiples of Facetime applications where you can connect with your friends between Android and iPhone devices. So, checkout all the best selected application given below and start video calling with your friends and family for free absolutely.

  1. IMO: This application is one of the most popular and well known Facetime applications that are common today. Since through this application you can instantly connect with anyone and have a long conversation of Facetime as much as you want with the person that is far away from your place with a clear crystal video calling facilities without any complications. You can even exchange a text messages including lots of interesting features such as funny and cute stickers etc.

How to use?

  • You can install the application either from the Google play store or App store.
  • Once you have installed it you can register with the app by providing your user name.
  • Once the registration is completed providing with phone number you can at once click the video Calling button and call whomever you want to those who have already registered with the app.
  1. Google Duo: Google Duo is the only compatible application for Facetime that is available for both the devices of Android and iPhone. This application takes the complexity of Facetime so that you can feel closer to each other through the video calling. This application is popular for its easy user interface that is very simple and easy to simply connect anyone instantly.

How to use?

  • First of all you need to download and install the application of Duo.
  • Right after that register it by providing your phone number.
  • Now you can finally enjoy calling anyone from your phone contact list.
  1. Google Hangouts: One of the easiest and simple Facetime application for making video calls with all your friends easily and instantly for free absolutely. You don’t need to create a separate account or download and install any certain apps all you need to have is a Google mail account to enjoy this application. Almost everyone prefer for this application for Facetime because most of the people already have Google mail account so without wasting your time you can start enjoying making video calls to your friends instead of helpless missing them.

How to use?

  • Normally everyone have a Google mail account and if you don’t one you can certainly open one instantly for free without any causes.
  • It is quite very simple after having your mail account.
  • You can at once make a video call by using hangouts and to your friends and family.
  1. Facebook messenger: This is also one of the most popular Facetime applications where you can not only chat but also talk face to face with video calling options. This app is compatible for both Android and iOS devices and it is very easy to handle. You don’t need to access separate apps as this is a Facebook Messenger and you can at once make a clear video calling instantly for free.

How to use?

  • Simply download and installed the application of Facebook messenger.
  • Now register the app providing your phone number not in public but within the app.
  • The friendliest members may instantly find you using facebook messenger and so also you can find them.


So, here I have mention all the benefits of using Facetime application where you can instantly connect face to face with your family or friends. All the above mention applications are all available for android and iPhone devices. So easily download the application and enjoy all the video calling features of Facetime that has provided for free absolutely with all the coolest features.

Vidmate App – Easy Guide For Starters

About Vidmate Video Downloader Android App

The Vidmate Video Downloader Android Application launched earlier this year and has made a big splash around popular social media thanks to its easy to use interface and cross platform functionality.

The app was invented to cater to the fast rising need of video enthusiasts and lovers who craved for a place to find all the best videos on the internet in one search. The primary functionality of the app is one that inspires the user to find, watch and download the best videos on the internet related to specific topics.

By combining the options of streaming both live and recorded videos from multiple platforms with a download feature and movies that release fresh from the box office, the video streaming industry has never been so far streamlined.

Why Vidmate is our Favorite

Vidmate combines the best of the best features from over 20 other video streaming applications across the internet and goes further than any other video social network has gone till date in the areas of creating an app to popularize video information across the internet.

The innovation is drastic and can be overwhelming for beginners though, with more and more apps being released every day, the one thing that Vidmate does best is the cross platform search, which integrates from websites like YouTube and Vimeo to give you a seamless experience with your regular profiles as well.

Possibly the most comprehensive tool for video watching on the internet today, Vidmate has exceeded our expectations with its ease of use and amazing search service. If you love videos, you’ll love Vidmate.

Vidmate Download Guide

Vidmate isn’t available on the Google play store or the Apple App Store – instead you have to download it from its website and then continue to provide necessary permissions for it to run on your device.

Downloading for Android

The download procedure for android is the easiest of all devices you’ll install Vidmate on, but thankfully it retains functionality across all three.

Once you download the APK file from the website, all you have to do is go to the settings section of your tab, navigate to the security bar and click “Allow Unknown Applications” to all for the app to be downloaded. Then just run the APK file and let the install finish to complete the procedure for install. Just run the app like any other from that point on to enjoy all its benefits.

Downloading for Windows and iOS

Downloading Vidmate for Windows and iOS is pretty much the same, except that you first need to create an Android Environment for the app to function in first. Download Bluestacks Android Emulator from the official website for Windows PC’s and iEmu for iOS systems. Then just run the APK file in the emulated environment on your device and you can proceed to follow the instructions for android given above to start using the app and enjoying videos from across the world.

5 Music Downloader Apps for Android


Nowadays downloading music on your mobile has become a tren for most of the youngsters. But as well are aware it is quite difficult to download music directly from the internet. If we remember the procedure to download music via internet; foremost, we had to download the song from internet on desktop and the transfer it to our

mobile phones. I am sure you know how irritating it was. But do we have a solution to this?

Well, the answer is sure shot YES!

Recently, Android market has released new free music downloader application on Google Play Store. They are working amazingly well for all the interested users. You can download almost any song of different artist and movies.

So, let’s discuss the top 5 Music downloaders apps for Android

  • Radio Player By Audials

Radio Player By Audials is no doubt one of the best radio application for Android with almost 30,000 radio stations from all over the world. You can listen to them as and when you like. The most amazing thing that can be noticed about this application is that it also allows you to record your favorite music anytime you want. Therefore, you can take this app as a music downloader as well.

A very well designed application with extremely new features, EQ controls and ChromeCast support. It also enables you to schedule recordings for an automatic supply of fabulous latest music from your favorite radio stations.

  • SoundCloud

SoundCloud becomes one of the best music downloader application with around, thousand of music collection and regular updates of 12 hours of audio every minute. It has been entertaining people with excellent music stock for years now.

Since, last year SoundCloud is putting a subscription policy on their users and are planning to include one more subscription policy by this year. But for now it is totally free.

There are many songs that are not available for downloading but most of them are. It is a great independent song downloader that is ruling the hearts of many across the world.

  • 4Shared

Though the app contains an old school look, it is worth downloading latest music anytime and anywhere you want. The last time we checked on this application, there were 5, 965, 819 tracks. The app searches for latest music and artist that are unknown to most of the world. You can directly download and save the music in 4shared cloud, where you can listen to music offline. For sure, it is a very music downloader.

  • RockMyRun

Rockmyrun is yet another application that allows you to downlaod song and match to your heart beat. It only gives you Dj – mixed soundtracks for workout. The app automatically changes songs according to your heart beats. It is the most loved music downloader or we must say music streamer. It has been able to top the Android market with its exclusive features and fabolous user interface.

Final Words
These apps are the top 5 music downloaders for your Android devices. They all are compatible with ChromeCast support and allows you to download unlimited songs as and when you want. What more can we ask for?