Latest ShowBox apk vs Terrarium Tv

Fortunately, our smartphone has something so entertaining that we can’t move our eyes from it. ShowBox or Terrarium Tv, both are evidently amazing and simple to use.

Showbox VS terrariumTV

Comparing the duo is pretty difficult and almost impossible, but looking at the recent changes it is vital to do so. Both the application have reached the heights within few days of this year. Whether we compare their lightening fast speed or the colossal content – it’s hard to point out the differences in one go.

ShowBox and Terrarium keep updating their applications soon there is a bug found in the working version. And that is quite quick and amazing. So rather than fixing the bugs right there in the old version, the developers love to release the new version of the app which is made available to you the next morning you get up from your bed.

Now without wasting any more time, we’ll be discussing their pros and cons depending on their performances till date. And, will be giving a result on which one is the best:-

ShowBox or Terrarium Tv: Which one is the best

Let’s discuss their pros and cons:-

Showbox download apk


Pros of ShowBox

  • Great amount of Content
  • Different resolutions starting from 240p to 1080p.
  • Select preferred language and subtitles.
  • Download and stream content
  • Download music albums
  • Navigate easily
  • Enticing user interface
  • ChromeCast support
  • Quick menu available
  • Reliable video links to download and stream
  • Pause downloading for some time
  • Available for all platforms including, Windows, Android, BlackBerry, and Kindle.



  • Contains unusual bugs
  • Sometimes works slow
  • Streams under excellent internet service.
  • Sometimes the app crashes/stops

Terrarium TV


Pros of Terrarium Tv

  • Unlimited content
  • Incorporates only movies and tv shows
  • Has 15 plus languages and subtitles to choose from
  • Different resolutions to choose from
  • ChromeCast support
  • Download and streams movies and tv shows with ease
  • Get reliable Google links
  • Fastest downloading speed
  • HD video quality
  • Uploads episodes within a day after its release on national television
  • Free of cost
  • Can stream under low internet service as well



  • Does not support all platforms
  • Is not available on Computers
  • Subtitles doesn’t work sometimes


Though ShowBox contains an endless list of content, it’s not possible to declare it one of the best movies streaming application, when compared to other movie apps. Terrarium is a new application launched in 2015, it has done amazingly well in the market, and has maintained its position of number one between its users.
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ShowBox being a pioneer app has lost its charm due to extensive crash and up gradation of application. Customers get annoyed with its unwanted advertisements landing up between a running video, unlike terrarium Tv. Hence, if we are comparing the two apps, we can finally quote that Terrarium Tv is a unique Movie streaming application amongst its competitors.